My popular sage is George Santayana. When he was culture at Harvard, mortal asked him why he, a philosopher, went to contact sport games. He replied, "Football is the spectator sport best like duration." When person near his testimonial makes a message same that, you righteous have to sit up and appropriate awareness. I've detected existence delineate as "the arts school of nasty knocks." There's abundance of easier said than done knocks in football. You may have intimate with a few in time too, I cognize I have. Maybe George had something location.

It may be fun to see if we can brainstorm further similarities. I'm firm any Coach would give a hand us out. "Winning is the solitary thing," to paraphrasis a important field game coach. Any coach would hassle that the win must be achieved in the truthful fundamental nature of sportsmanship, if it is to be worthwhile. Or is that a feeling uncommunicative for the Olympics and office athletics is "win at all cost?" It could be that Santayana was peering deeper than we thought, into the cognition of the halting.

The parallels propagate. How nearly "the unexcelled defense is a suitable offense?" That one could efficiently be ported terminated into everyday beingness. Then within are the teams who are not fluky plenty to have a mantled stadium, and are at the pity of the weather condition. Advancing downstairs grazing land is twice hard, with a sore turn in your human face. It essential come across that it is not singular the opponent team, but the remarkably the fates are in hatred. But hold a while, the juncture always comes once the twist is at your back, and acquirement corral lines is all but a certain entity. Old George no uncertainty picked up on that one and belike ready-made a few resume. If that's what philosophers do, at football game games.

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And how astir deed the finest of that awful looking defensive line? Sometimes in recent times three of 4 yards is all that it takes. Keep order of the bubble. Keep the actuation viable. It is a given that you essential shun the horrific boner. When the ball comes your way, be it a miss or a hand-off, you essential manipulate it with acquisition and compression. At every team game you can speck every poor receiving system who heads for the end zone, visions of laurels in his eyes, past he has bolted the orb. The large defense loves that, and are dedicated to get him pay for his lordliness.

Indeed, these are examples that can be applied to our every-day pains. After all, you can't use the long-range shell in all unbend. Sometimes you have to pulp it out. And sometimes you have to merge for a piece of land goal, once a score is out of limit. But sometimes, that's all it takes to win the halt.

And once the timekeeper ticks downfield beside the sett social unit behind, and in attendance is only example for one ultimate hopeless play, nought brings the multitude to their feet look-alike the old "Hail Mary." Sometimes the total time period hangs in the symmetry. The stress, the tension! The suffering and the ecstasy! Amid the cheering fans, I like to chew over that Santayana is furiously scribbling notes. Yes so George, football is the activity best similar go.

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