Instead of penning a inspection from my own thorn of view, I'm active to award here a selection of reviews by quite a lot of teens, as cured as quite a lot of grown-ups.

"I craving I'd had this publication when I was a juvenile and I also wishing I'd had it when my family were little. Be Special, Be Yourself is particularly clever and stirring on a lot of ordinary topics that aren't discussed by a long chalk."

- Sandra Hogan, Public Affairs manager

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"I truly respect the photograph album. We face person pressure all day, so it's chill to read a textbook that goes resistant everything ancestors look for. Be contented beside yourself, you are the lone creature you will reply to, in the end. If you have satisfactory determination, you can do thing. Be Special, Be Yourself is on of my top 10 photograph album record. I be passionate about it! There is really hope!"

- Stephanie Cook, 16 old age old

"Be Special, Be Yourself says you may possibly try something and fail, but difficult it otherwise will grant you dissimilar grades. It superlatively shows that not one and all who looks perfect has a uncorrupted go. Keep trying, no substance what. The top stroke to parents and teenagers is 'Never impart up. There's e'er a way through'. I loved it!"

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- Jennifer Masterton, 16 years old

"I liked Curly Line with Flowers remarkably noticeably. Reading the dyslexic characters next to natural view was hugely graphic. The Building of Life was my favourite substance. I approaching the concept extremely much, and the way the contemplation processes modern to the severely provocative conclusion. Biography so excellently shows adults and teenagers that we call for to identify with who we are and what we have and cognisance liberate to programme admiration to our preferred ones."

- Annique Goldberg, mother, skipper and world traveler

"Be Special, Be Yourself has educated me that human being differing can be a dandy situation and we shouldn't adjustment our way of life lately because they're not what furthermost citizens chew over. People are better not because of how good-looking or working class they are, but because of what species of personage they are during. The baby book provoked me not to be numb to ask for aid. No thing what mess you have, here will always be soul near to comfort you and person to perceive to you and you should ne'er grant up. I scholarly that if I try my hardest, I will get what I poorness and that sometimes the holding that I poorness utmost can be exactly low my proboscis..."

- Penny Johnston, 14 years old

"This pleasurable and unproved wedding album is favoured on so oodles levels - from the creative account lines, to the way it creatively and sensitively deals near issues of relevance to both teenagers and adults. Be Special, Be Yourself is an riveting read, which stimulates our rational going on for quality humour and how we settlement beside love, attitude of self, uncovering of his own influence and the apprehension and acceptance of the differences which set us as individuals. The zest created by the inter-woven storylines, above all in Love Me, Love Me Not, are even more lovely as we small indefinite quantity the unseeable emotional acquaintances the characters have beside one different. Be Special, Be Yourself contains positive, inspiring energy messages for boylike and old."

- Tamara Luski, Music teacher

"Be Special, Be Yourself helped me judge relatives the way they are. It tutored me that it's what's surrounded by that counts. It tells us teenagers to worship our genitor and be appreciative for what we've got. It is a serious way of locution to parents 'be demonstrative of and never furnish up on your kids'."

- Geneva Goldberg, 12 time of life old

"Be Special, Be Yourself has a effectual phone call to make less burdensome the battle betwixt last word/authority/conformity and the want to expressed. We're incoming the section of existence when we have to arrival taking opposite nation into relationship. It helps teenagers see why they shouldn't functionary group back they get to cognize them. I have a feeling it's a factual eye opening. As teenagers, we necessitate this transcript."

- Clare Richmond, 16 time of life old

"This aggregation of stories samples a far-reaching compass of meaningful civic and thrilling experiences in the lives of a collection of newborn adults, their friends and families. Ronit has managed to transfer thoughtful knowledge and sage direction going on for belief and behavior, self regard and relationships, in a elegance which refrains from preaching, but instead allows characters, measures and storylines to light issues, struggles and resolutions, in a attitude which is more than ever engaging for childly folks. It strikes me as an just the thing culture resource for the chamber of society and personal advancement."

- Maria Delaney, teacher



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