It's instance for a inflection shift

These unsettling view let's sift

Even if you grain resembling you want to quit

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Don't cavern in and distribute up on it

As Nike says, "Just do it!"

Put your support into it

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Press on ahead, you'll get finished it

Don't let your moral shining example wreck it

Let's get spiritual confession and revitalize it

Renew the heart of your awareness of late in time

Lest you be game minus defence and rhyme

Crippled because of an noncurrent psychological concept

Which it's example we neglect and valiantly reject

Yourself and your destiny you can no more neglect

A gross sting do I smell, discern, and detect

Your self-pride and identity we must erect

If required welcomed the Spirit of God to resurrect

Hope, faith, and the fire of urge inside your heart

Lest from the positive, good, and very good you depart

Awake to how breathtaking you are, a slog of art

Brilliant, intelligent, intuitive, sensitive, and smart

This paralyzing shitty thinking let's discard

A cheque up from the external body part up will extricate emotional lard

The mistake and stormy interruption that puts you in a hole

Reconnect with the Creator and now be ready-made whole

It is example to pilfer put money on what the lucifer from you stole

Put your unfit human face on approaching it's the Super Bowl

Break the rhythm of failure and template of paralysis

Get rid of apathy and ridiculous emotional analysis

Make a new exemplary by which to meaningfully live

Cultivate clever field of study and set up to give

Your all, your best, and square for zilch less

Examine all set of assumptions and presumptions

Ponder upon and exterminate disempowering presuppositions

Prepare a unsmiling walkway for your feet and find out to complete

That which you set your intuition and be concerned to

Let null get in the way, nor dishearten you

Overcome irregularities that motion to disapprove you

Deal swiftly with interruptions that seek to stop you

Fight for your centering beforehand others grip and lead on you

Formulate your priorities and belief of display the world

When scarce route and absolutes inquire God's Word

Beware of categorizing general public and material possession prematurely

Question others opinions, beliefs, and spectacle of reality

Build and lay a unshakable grounding for yourself mentally

Construct and recreate yourself when necessary

Be depart to new paradigms and transformation

Commit to revenant individual spreading out and maturation

Be forgiving next to yourself realizing specified is a process

Remember you can have more if you don't settee for less

Your perceived sincerity is not needfully your destiny

Believe for more and pinch into the uncharted boldly

Turning your fantasy into reality by method of your imagery

Harnessing your creativeness to give inspiration

Decide and like motivation fairly than intimidation

Celebrating others successes and triumphant in competition

Never let short psychogenic hiccups to dwarf or diminish

Your personhood, identity, or expertise to complete and finish

Your celebrated dreams, deep desires, and excessive destiny

Never be amazed or stilled by inhalations temporary

Inhalation of frustration, intimidation, or any preoccupation

With your inability, insecurity, or insufficiency

Because when you believe in yourself wholeheartedly

Confidence overrides clumsiness as you tap the subconscious

You shall lay clutch of God's spiritual omnipotence and omniscience

Therein you shall find and find your own genuine brilliance

As with your Creator you co-create and become

That prized, special, and acclaimed someone

Distinctive, distinguished, purposeful, and polished

Seeming setbacks you shall originate and demolish

Temporary electric declines you shall smash

Uplift and beat yourself from the particulate matter and ash

Get garmented in your top-grade and forge ahead beside force

The vigour of helpful rational my partner is no farce

Overthrow your minuscule mentality and it divorce

Believe in the new you and set yourself on a new course

To clash with the enemies of your essence and begin to roll

Roll out the red carpet of success and make official yourself

Rejoice, marvel, and honour in you like cypher else

You were created in God's brilliant and howling image

Therefore move up up your chief and get a victorious visage

No sir, this is no phony, futile, and childish facade

This is the occurrence you have need of from an awful God

The transfer you call for to win comes from wide within

This is not just rhetoric or several cute verboseness and spin

It is a inflexion change facilitating spiritual transformation

Removing all inferiority, isolation, and social alienation

Causing you to prosper and bring home the bacon of my own maximization

As you border near the Creator and continue living like a new building.

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